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Statistics show that 157 million workdays each year are lost due to the severity of migraine headaches (Fackelmann, 2005).

Migraines are more prevalent in women, affecting women three times more than men.

In addition, some women experience migraines during pregnancy or menopause.

Contraceptives and hormone replacement therapies have also been shown to cause more severe migraines (Mayo Clinic, 2005).

Ophthal Moplegic: Ophthal Moplegic Migraines include vision problems, such as double vision.

Basilar Artery Migraines: Basilar Artery Migraines are characterized by a disturbance of a major brain artery.

Some doctors believe that they are due to changes in brain chemistry, which causes blood vessel dilation and inflammation.

Research has shown that almost all individuals with migraines have a close relative who also has migraines (Mayo Clinic, 2005).

There are several different types of migraines that have different symptoms associated with them.Auras can consist of flashing lights, seeing zig-zag lines, or even temporary vision loss.Symptoms that may be associated with the Classic Migraine include throbbing or pounding felt in the forehead, temple, or jaw; difficulty with speech; weakness of an arm or leg; and confusion. Common Migraines: Common Migraines are another of the most common types of migraines.According to the National Headache Foundation, an estimated 28 million Americans have migraine headaches.The World Health Organization considers migraines to be one of the most debilitating diseases in the world.

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